Homemade Crafts

All crafts are homemade by our very talented crafters

Rural Country

Being located on a farm, Creative Country Crafts offers rural peacefulness

Bite to Eat

After shopping be sure to try our delicious sandwiches, soups, and pies

Show Dates

Creative Country Crafts is open twice a year: first two weekends in May and the first three weekends in November.

Spring Show

The spring show is open from:
May 2nd to May 5th
May 9th to May 12th

Days and Hours

The show runs 9am to 6pm from Thursday to Sunday for both Spring and Fall shows.

Fall Show

The fall show is open from:
October 31st to November 3rd
November 7th to November 10th
November 14th to November 17th

Multiple Craft Buildings

Creative Country Crafts features four craft buildings filled with items for everyone. Each building will be decorated to a certain theme depending on season.

Building #1

This building is filled with a mix of antiques, fall crafts, and Christmas decorations. While walking through, don't forget to stop for some coffee and a bite to eat! The pie is delicious!

Building #2

With a patriotic and sports theme, this building is full of rivalry sports team knick-knacks and crafts giving tribute to this country and the armed forces.

Building #3

A mix of fall and spring can be expected walking into this building. The front half features Thanksgiving items and the back half features spoon flowers and birdhouses!

Building #4

The biggest building is mainly dedicated to Christmas crafts. It features many unique displays, antiques, and walls full of signs. Come check out the wide variety of crafts everyone can enjoy!

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